About Us

Our coaches are chosen for their respect and integrity. Those who make the cut go on to attend hundreds of hours in the classroom, honing their communication skills and deepening their passion and compassion. Each one is focused on making a difference by making peoples lives better. Most are life coaches--experts in all matters of your family and social life. Many are business coaches. They are not theorists. Each one has direct hands-on experience as owners and leaders of successful businesses.


All of our coaches are trained by Sage University, so their understanding of human nature is unsurpassed. They won't program, guide, or direct you. Your life and your perspective is sacred. Our job is to discern what you are trying to do, and then facilitate your efforts to actualize your own values and achieve your own goals. 


We have no affiliation with any religious, political, or philosophical ideas. Your spiritual, social, and professional aims are your own business. We are action people. Every moment with us is an invitation to clarify your aims and to assist you in the process of facing the difficult challenges that are relevant to your experience. If you are facing a difficult passage, we will help you find your courage. If you have aspirations that serve others, we will provide the patterns of communication you need to design your game and to enroll the teammates you need to make your life as fulfilling as possible.


From our perspective, it's not about us at all. It's about you.